The focus and mission of CFR is simply to build a worldwide alternative to the landfilling of excess carbon fiber and carbon selvage and scrap materials. The business of CFR is developing proprietary processes and operations to convert the world’s supply of excess carbon fiber and fiber materials from scrap into new product applications resulting in great improvements of material performance characteristics in each finished product.

Underlying CFR operations, material specifications, recycling contracts, warehousing, imports and exports, and the normal features of business, is a team of people with a shared enjoyment of solving challenges in technical processes, materials design and engineering, and logistics. Solutions and efficiency come out of a team of process managers, equipment operators, logistics coordinators, materials engineers, client representatives, and office support staff that have taken on or grown into the daily exploration of finding better ways to do everything.

CFR processes excess carbon fiber and carbon fiber selvage, end cuts, preform and scrap, by detangling, milling, cutting and preparing the materials for use in certain product applications developed in team with CFR manufacturing clients. Critical to its ability to manage these growing waste streams is the ongoing development of specific carbon fiber forms tied to emerging markets for reclaimed carbon fiber remanufactured for use in new carbon fiber based finished product.

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Converting Excess Post Industrial Carbon Fiber to New Product
Photo Courtesy: National Park Service
Carbon Fiber Pricing
Your consideration for utilizing carbon fiber in certain product applications depends directly on the impact of fiber costs. CFR is committed to being strategically competitive in the pricing of carbon fibers so your product application can launch profitably. CFR is ready to receive your request for a Pricing Quotation based on your product description, material grade, material form and volume indicated. See more detail >>
100% Reclaimed Carbon Fibers & Premium Product Development"
Whether in Asia, Europe or the United States, there is a growing preference for high quality goods that have utilized “reclaimed” materials for their construction. In the making of auto components, building products, and especially retail/consumer products (from sporting goods to furniture and fashion fabrics), the brand manufacturer that can advertise their use of high percentages of reclaimed fibers will increasingly win their market share even at a premium pricing and profit. There is only so much volume of clean, high grade, post-industrial carbon fiber available each year, giving the manufacturers with an ongoing supply of ‘green certified’ carbon fiber the upper hand in obtaining their market share. See more detail >>
Availability & Volume
Your product application of "reclaimed carbon fiber” depends on the volume being available for the production rate you have in mind. CFR is committed to maintaining a stock supply as well as matching your production volume requirement with specific incoming supplies of excess post-industrial carbon fibers with the same specifications. See more detail >>
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